Good News! I have a new job.

I haven’t done one of these in a while…

The main reason is because I’ve been super busy of late. My original plan for August and September was to have my dissertation finished by the start of September, and take a few extra shifts at the Museum of the Order of St John to fill in a few gaps. I worked incredibly hard to make sure that my dissertation was pretty much finished by the end of August, so I decided to add a few more shifts in September to make a little more cash. My plan was to then hand in my diss, take a week or so to myself to re-cooperate and then start the arduous task of finding a new job. In actuality, though, I ended up getting a new job before my diss was even finished – go me (ish).

I say “(ish)” because August and September (thus far) have been two pain-in-the-arse months. I’ve been rushed off my feet and I haven’t had very much time to myself. Oh woe is me! Right? On the flip-side, though, I’ve got myself a fancy a new job – so I’m most certainly not complaining.

So what is this fancy new job? You might be asking. Well I’ll tell you! I’m now, officially, the Museum Development Officer for Digital Technologies at the Museum of London! A bit of a mouthful, I know, but it’s an incredibly exciting job. Some of you might have had dealings with Museum Development Officers in the past, but for those of you who haven’t, let me explain. An MDO is basically tasked with developing and helping with the practice of small museums in the field that they’re responsible for. So I’m responsible for Digital Technologies, and in my roll I’ll be organising, managing and (occasionally) presenting a series of workshops for the “Digital Futures” skills programme. In short, I’ll be trying to educate and inspire the small, medium and occasional national museums of London (and the surrounding area) about digital technologies, and get them thinking about their own digital futures.

As part of the job, I’ll constantly be keeping one ear to the ground, listening out for all of the digital chitter-chatter around museums, and the heritage industry, as a whole. But, I’ll also be looking at wider digital technologies, and considering how these can be used within a museum environment, by the staff, the visitors, or both! So I’ve decided to make this blog a bit of a hub for my digital technologies based research. I’ll be highlighting new tech in the museum sector, I’ll be talking about exciting projects that museums are currently running with a digi-tech focus, and I’ll be looking at the digital technologies currently in development, and highlighting how these could impact museums and their audiences.

So, if all of this sounds like something you’d be interested in, make sure to follow the blog, and/or follow me on Twitter! @thatmuseumguy.

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