Instagram Stories: It’s Snapchat For Post-Teens

Instagram Stories is an obsession for me. Well, maybe ‘obsession’ is a tad strong. Passion, perhaps? Either way, the platform is currently one of the fastest growing and a lot of that is thanks to the Stories feature.

But what are Instagram Stories, I hear you scream? Well, it’s basically Snapchat for Millennials. The feature lets you take pictures or videos and post them to the platform for your audience to see. They’re temporary, so they only last 24 hours, and you can get really creative with it. Make stop-motion animations, create videos in reverse, add GIFs to images – your imagination is the only barrier.


Some museums are already doing a great job of using Instagram Stories. I really enjoy the Horniman Museum, The Field Museum, Beamish Museum and Royal Museums Greenwich. All of them are great with Stories – though I’m sure that there are tonnes of other examples.

It’s a simple way to engage your audience, to have a little fun and to get creative with your content. Start a live video, share images of your events, take videos behind-the-scenes. The feature can be great fun and a really effective way of showing some personality behind the ‘brand’.

Although they might be temporary, you shouldn’t worry about losing your content. You can save your posts to your phone and you can also add posts to ‘Highlights’ on your profile. So your content doesn’t have to be truly temporary if you don’t want it to be.

So why not give it a go, if you haven’t already? If you’d like advice or help with using Stories, drop me a tweet: @thatmuseumguy.

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