Some lesser known features of Instagram Stories

Now that you’ve hopefully started playing around with Instagram Stories, I thought I’d take the opportunity to share one or two features that some may not be aware of. So let’s get into it.

Solid background colour.
You can create a solid background colour by taking a random picture, selecting the drawing tool, choosing the colour you want and holding down on the screen. Your screen will then be filled with the colour of your choosing! Use the different tools to make a different effect – you can even use the rubber tool to reveal parts of the image underneath.

Add a GIF.
Want to combine a stationary image with a moving image, or add a little animated figure to your video? Go to the ‘Stickers’ icon again, this time selecting ‘GIFs’. You can then pick from hundreds (maybe thousands) of different GIFs to overlay onto your image or video.

Add a poll.
Want to know your audience’s favorite packet of crisp? Create a poll! Take a picture and then click on the ‘Stickers’ icon (top middle of the screen). From there you can select a poll. Currently, polls only have two options – but they may add more. Type your question and label the answers and away you go!

Make an animation.
You might not have noticed, but a couple of months ago Instagram added the option to create a Stop-Motion animation. Simply swipe left at the bottom of the screen (as you would if you were trying to do a Boomerang or a Superzoom and stop a Stop-Motion. You can now take multiple pictures and turn them into a short video. Why not grab yourself some Lego characters and have some fun!

Make a custom colour.
Bored of the same old colours? Choose the drawing tool, then click and hold on one of the colours from the palette. You’ll then be greeted with a colour gradient to choose your ideal shade. You can even use the pipette tool to pinch a colour from your image!

Add locations and/or hashtags for extra exposure.
Want to get more eyes on your Stories? Tag a location or use a hashtag to make your stories more easily found. You can add your location by hitting the sticker icon and then choosing ‘Location’. You can also add a hashtag from the same menu, or you can just type it using the text tool.

So why not grab your phone and get Instagramming?


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