Building what isn’t there – 3D printing and museums

A couple of days ago I had the pleasure of meeting some wonderful folk from the Grant Museum of Zoology, at UCL. We were discussing how the Grant Museum might be able to contribute to one or two of the sessions in┬áthe ‘Digital Futures‘ program that I’m running. The conversation quickly turned to the elephant in the room… well… less “elephant” and more “quagga”. For … Continue reading Building what isn’t there – 3D printing and museums

Minecraft and Museums

I thought that I’d kick off the new digital technology theme for this blog with an interesting topic – Minecraft in museums. I know. I know. Video-games in museums. Why are us museum people always trying to make museums “cool”. I hear you. But, to be fair, Minecraft and museums could have a potentially awesome relationship – one that more museums should be exploring. The … Continue reading Minecraft and Museums